Common Questions

The company provides all types of fine flour used in the production of all kinds of baked goods, sweets, pasta and pastries.
The Best types of wheat are imported from abroad according to Egyptian and international standards.
The company has its headquarters in Cairo, located at 21 Abdelmajid Ramali Street, Bab El Louk. We also have a headquarters in Shebin El Koum, Menoufia, located in Bar Sharky, Dr. Zaki Shabaneh Street, Ibn El Khattab Tower, in front of the Faculty of Home Economics. The company also owns three factories, the first in the city of 6th of October in Giza, and the second and third are in industrial area in Sadat City, Menoufia Governorate.
The company is one of the economic institutions with a national orientation. We provide the customers with a fine flour suitable for all uses. The company employs more than 1200 employees, workers, engineers, chemists and administrators.
The company produces a distinguished group of fine and excellent flour that is packaged in sacks and sacks bearing several names which are famous brands known to consumers including: Caesar flour, Golden star, Crown, International, Pyramids, Sun flour, Al Marwa flour, AlMasrayien, each category varies according to market requirements
Of course yes, we produce the best types of flour suitable for pasta factories of all kinds, as well as all pastries, sweets Eastern and Western.
There are companies documented in the products of Ibn El-Khatab and from them. Nestlé Egypt - Bisco Egypt - Froneri (Dulce) - Queen - Regina - Family Nutrition (Mundles Egypt) Adding to that a large group of private and public institutions and institutions
Our sales and distribution outlets operate throughout the day, and you can order our products by name from authorized distributors and companies engaged in food trade all over the Arab Republic of Egypt.
The company works in a framework of trust and transparency to ensure that we maintain our strong presence in the Egyptian market as one of the most important producers of flour flour. We also seek to expand our services, provide more products and establish more factories and production lines.
You can communicate with us through the following means:
Headquarters of Cairo (fax): (Telephone) : 0227956536 (Telephone ) : 0227964539 (Telephone) : 01159362222
The headquarters of Shebin El Koum (Telephone) : 0482321533 (Telephone) : 0482194210
(Telephone) : 0482194211 (Telephone) : 01001758901
You can send your inquiry through email to [email protected]