Product Categories


Tourist Flour

This category of flour is used to produce Egyptian bread known as "Maghrouf Ala Rada”

Which is characterized by bright white and taro and longer life of the loaves and high protein content in the products, and is sometimes used to mix with the category of bakery luxury to produce a mixture of flour good and good for the production of bread Finno


Biscuit Flour

This product is specially manufactured for biscuit and cake factories according to the specifications required and suitable for each factory according to its requirements The company also deals with the largest factories for the production of biscuits and international cake such as (Nestle - Bisco Misr - Froneri - Al Mansour Food - Family Nutrition)


Macaroni Flour

This category of flour is characterized by high protein content, purity of color and quality of flour suitable for the production of high quality Italian pasta. The company deals with the biggest pasta factories in Egypt such as (Queen – Regina)


Luxury Baked

Our company is one of the first companies classified in Egypt in the production of this category of flour, which is used in the production of fine baked goods of high-quality Fino bread and Afranjie (Croissant - Pate - Pizza)

This category is characterized by the production of good baked goods in terms of shape and distinctive golden color and sponge and foam and also the length of validity, and this category is very suitable to withstand the conditions of hard bread in the summer of high temperatures and the possibility of baking in ovens rotor (Italian)



This category is characterized by its competitive price and its distinctive production in terms of high quality and suitable for the rotary kilns and also used in bread Finno and some types of baked rotary



This category of flour is characterized by higher protein ratios than similar varieties in the market and free of sweeteners. It is 100% natural flour and is suitable for the production of Lebanese bread, baking bread and producing sweets such as kanafah, jam, Clamp) as well as the production of pancakes, biscuits and all different domestic uses.



Rada is two types Soft and its nutritional value is 72 kg starch equivalent of 11.5% digested protein and Coarse its nutritional value is 8 kg starch equivalent by 4% digested protein, Rada is considered to be one of the richest sources of vitamin B feed and phosphorus but it's poor in calcium.