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Since 1987
36 years of experience

About us

El-Khatab Company for Mills was founded in 1987 by businessman Haj / Salah Khattab, founder and chairman of the board of directors of Ibn El-Khatab Group, to produce the finest types of flour flour in the Arab Republic of Egypt. The company has three giant mills with a production capacity of 2,750 tons per day, Middle and West Delta Flour Mills Agents Our production capacity has increased to meet the increasing demand of our products to reach 3,100 tons per day. This is the largest production capacity in the Arab Republic of Egypt. El-Khatab Company for the manufacture and trade of flour includes all types of flour in the various baked, And other products that serve this field in order to meet the needs of customers in all governorates of Egypt


The quality of our motto is what we have made a reality for all consumers, and our clients' testimony is the best proof of that. We always strive to keep our exports to flour producing companies so that we remain the first choice for anyone looking for a product of fine flour suitable for all uses


Flour and its derivatives and its products is the most important food element depends on human since ancient times, which makes the provision imposed on us, and we work with all strength to be in the service of the consumer, while adhering to quality and conformity of our products to the Egyptian and international standards.


Today's world is the world of specialization, and we are working to achieve the highest productivity to meet all our customers' demands everywhere. We also provide all fine flour products suitable for all uses, while adhering to quality, transparency and accuracy in selecting the best international brands.

Principles and Values

We believe in creativity, so we provide the best human expertise, equipment and machinery to achieve the principle of high quality in production, packaging, storage and transportation, as well as the best quality, We believe in the need to strive for the better. We are committed to developing our entire system of human elements, factories and production lines. We believe in the need to continue to maintain quality and not only to access it. We choose the best wheat to offer customers the best flour. We also believe in the importance of maintaining human health and we are committed to adhere to health and environmental standards