Research and development

Laboratories and development

We at El-Khatab Company aim to provide the best product with high quality and maintain the name of the company. Therefore, El-Khatab company is interested in the presence of factories spread in every factory with international specifications and equipped with the latest laboratory equipment from the largest international companies "Bertin and Chopin"

Where the laboratory plays an important role in the manufacturing process, where the raw materials are received "wheat" and conform to the international specifications and follow the product during manufacture and ensure its quality and purity. The laboratory is followed by the addition of enzymes for products on demand and testing the final product before packing. El-Khatab also uses the world's largest manufacturers of natural enzymes for its user health and product quality.

As for the development

El-Khatab Company is keen to provide training and development to its employees, where it is working on cooperation protocols to train technicians on the latest versions of enzymes and ways to add product features through training courses in Germany, Switzerland and Europe.


Each factory in El-Khatab factory has a baking unit equipped with the latest methods of kneading, fermentation and processing corresponding to the Egyptian market, and the final test before packing and stand on the efficiency of the final product and free of any defects